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Mark Series SingleMark Series System


Vern Dale’s Water center has been providing homeowners with the best water treatment solutions for more than 50 years. Working with our professionals, your water treatment system will fit your exact needs, and provide you with years of quality, conditioned water.



The Mark Series Control Valve

The Mark Series Control Valve is completely adjustable. We can set each cleaning cycle in two minute increments. This allows us to efficiently customize the system to your unique city or well water problems and needs. These customized settings of a Mark Series Conditioner distinguish it from other units on the market.

The Mark Series Time Clock Control

The control valve has been engineered and tested to withstand the equivalent of 27 years of uninterrupted daily use. The key to the exceptional quality is the hydraulically balanced, Teflon coated piston with a seal and spacer to effectively control service flow and regeneration.   This has the capacity to deliver up to 27 gallons of softened water per minute. The Mark Series control valve is simply one of the most reliable valves available.

The Mark Series On-Demand Control

The demand meter registers your families water usage and cleans accordingly, providing your home with conditioned water– and regenerates only when needed, making it the most efficient way of cleaning your system. This environment-friendly control ensures years of soft water, saving you  salt, water and money.