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Vern Dale’s Water Center Delivery

Delivering Water and Salt


• We offer prompt delivery service-minimum of 5 bags
• We carry 40#and 50#  bags
• We will carry them in, fill the salt tank, and place the extra bags where you want them
• Upon your request, we will test the water and check settings to make sure that your equipment is running efficiently


• We offer prompt delivery
• We carry 5 gallon premium Reverse Osmosis water
• Must get a minimum of 5 bottles at a time
(unless delivered with min. 400lbs of salt)
• We will carry them in and place them were you want
• We will put new bottle of water on water cooler


• We carry 3 1/4 lb containers and 551/8 lb containers


• We offer prompt delivery
• We carry 25#, 40# and 50# bags of rock salt and a variety of deicing blends.